How to Place an order ?

Once you have added some items to you cart then you can select ‘Check Out’ from the ‘Shop’ drop down menu or from the ‘Cart’ on hover menu.

Once you have navigated to the ‘Check Out’ page then click on the ‘Place Order’ button to finalize the order.

Payment Options

At the moment Lirik Wear currently offers direct bank transfers and pay pal payment options.
As business grows there will be more payment options available.

How to check your order status ?

To check the status of an order select the Shop >> My Account from the Shop drop down menu. Then click on ‘Orders’ from the left menu.

From there you will see a status to the right of the header “Order #XXX was placed on DATE and is currently On Hold (STATUS).”

Cancelling Order

There is a 2 – 3 working day period for processing orders, so if you would like to cancel an order then you must contact us via the ‘Contact’ page using the subject ‘{ORDER-NUMBER} – cancellation’ within 24 hours(1 working day) of placing your order.

If the customer contacts us over the 24 hour period then all handling cost will be incurred (10% of the cost of the purchase) . The payment would be returned to the customer minus the 10% handling fee within 36 hours of canceling the order.

Applying a Coupon

For a customer to apply a coupon code to an order is very simple. On the check out page before the customer fills in the billing information at the top of the screen there will be an option reading ‘HAVE A COUPON? Click here to enter your code‘. Once the option is located then click on the ‘Click here to enter your code‘ text and a coupon text input will appear. Simply insert you coupon code to apply the relevant order.